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How to Build a Scalable Application up to 1 Million Users on AWS

When hiring a software development team that is distributed across different countries. With the microservices approach, you can develop, test, and deploy individual services without affecting the whole app. The name is pretty self-explanatory since apps with this architecture are built in layers. Each layer has its task, and data has to travel through each from top to bottom, where there’s usually a database. Once you choose a tracking tool, perform tests for the above-mentioned metrics.

I consider this one of the more difficult areas to work with but regardless, these patterns will make your life much easier when applying them in practice. You won’t end up like the confused hare in the middle of the project. As deployment unit is function , so the change to one function does not require deployment of whole app or microservice, only the changes function is built and re-deployed. The easiest examples are networking apps such as Instagram and Facebook.

Does your business need a large-scale application?

Note that the returned object for getNextExercise is an ExercisePlan object that internally contains the exercise details and the duration for which the exercise runs. Always export artifacts defined inside an Angular module if you want them to be used across other modules. Still, the AppComponent template cannot locate the WorkoutRunnerComponent. Is it becauseWorkoutRunnerComponent and AppComponent are in different modules?

  • Generally, while architecting a scale-able app, a distributed database is chosen and run in active-active cluster.
  • The preliminary choice depends on the product’s nature, goals, market and industry demands, etc.
  • Master node is a management / admin node in cluster and worker nodes / machines are compute nodes , each one having a container management software installed on it.
  • We aren’t going to break SQL DBs in our first 10 million users.
  • The application has to grow along with the number of users, as it needs to be able to handle more and more requests per minute .
  • If people have build smaller applications in the past and need to build a larger one now that handles more data and more traffic, they might call it a large scale web application.
  • We had qualified a Search Engine as a more of a dynamic web app as it had some kind of logic sitting behind with a user interface at the front accessed via a browser.

Just as with objects called directly from a client, the issue is now migrated to the package level – instead of IIS being the client process now an MTS Package becomes the host object. The same problems arise as the same object in a package cannot be accessed simultaneously due to the problems with the VFP runtime blocking. Concurrent method calls can only be achieved by objects hosted in multiple separate MTS packages. With MTS this blocking issue is even more pronounced than with directly accessed objects as all object access on the machine is routed through the MTS package. This means that multiple client processes now have to fight for contention.

Avoiding Business Growth Problems. How to Build a Large-scale Application

You pay only for the resources which are enough to handle the load. Scalable web application architecture that is optimized for fast responses and low latency is key. One possible solution is choosing a Test-driven Development to leverage the iterative development approach. It is a software development approach that relies on converting web app requirements into test cases before fully developing them. It allows developers to use different test cases and track all the web app development through iterations. Load testing simulations are especially crucial because they allow you to understand the scaling capabilities of your application.

To determine if the development process is going in the right direction, it’s important to choose metrics that help to assess how well your app handles scalability issues. For example, you can measure the usage of CPU and memory and also focus on network and disk activity. Such a complex approach will help to ensure that your application has no issues with processing large data sets and, what’s even more important, can effortlessly send this data to the end-users. Apartment Model threading makes it possible to load multiple InProcess components simultaneously.

Building the 7 Minute Workout view

If another instance is needed, , the entire app needs to be deployed . Single unit of deployment in monolithic app looks like below. Application frameworks support https://globalcloudteam.com/ graphical user interfaces and web-based application development. For example, they allow sharing of code for different modules, reducing developmental issues.

large scale web applications

Throughout the book, when we use the term directive, we will be referring to either an attribute directive or a structural directive depending on the context. The difference between the properties and attributes of a DOM element. This new mental model will help us as we continue to explore the framework’s property and attribute binding capabilities. App grows and we add new components/directives/pipes/other artifacts to it, a need arises to organize these items.


With the above in mind, avoid connecting frontend applications directly to “firehose” sources of unfiltered high-frequency data updates. The amount of data loaded should roughly reflect the amount shown on screen. When it doesn’t, it’s likely a sign that the frontend is loading more than it needs, or performing non-trivial calculations/processing to derive shown data from more raw data.

large scale web applications

A full deployment suite may require months of work from DevOps engineers to be built on top of AWS, but with Qovery, all of this is handled in just fifteen minutes. If you are facing less demand during the off-season, then you can downscale your network for reducing your IT costs. It impacts an organization’s ability to meet ever-changing network infrastructure demands. NgForOf will now avoid recreating DOM for users with IDs already rendered. The VideoPlayerComponent’s videos property binds to the exercise’s videos collection.

Looking for experienced software engineers?

Let our extended team be part of your journey and help you step into the cloud. Serverless architecture composed of functions that are triggered by events. Look at a single CPU instance within an autoscaling group and figure out what’s going wrong. We aren’t going to break SQL high load technologies DBs in our first 10 million users. There is no single point of failure, and the system should be able to run efficiently even if a component fails. Qovery turns your existing IaC infrastructure and Kubernetes manifests into repeatable blueprints for complete environments.

large scale web applications

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